The Shed

If I can't eat it I don't want to know. Unless it gets me drunk.

Month: July, 2009

Our first menu

We were going to be all mysterious and secretive about the menu but realised this only works when you have a reputation for making delicious food, which we have yet to achieve (through lack of exposure rather than talent, we ‘ope).

Last minute disasters and catastrophes aside, menu number one will be;

Trio of soups with soldiers
Spiced lentil cakes with a tomato sauce
Posh fish pie, some kind of tasty green veg
Cheese, biscuits, and homemade chutney
White chocolate croissant pudding with red fruits

We’re hoping to serve this – or a good approximation of – every Tuesday night for the duration of August. Places are stil available so get in touch via the blog or email for reservations. Veggie main course option also available on request.

From August 4th, Tuesday nights, 8pm. BYO booze. Suggested donation £20, and feel free to tip your lovely waiter!

So this is blogging….

Hello, welcome, the brand new blog is here. When asked by Bellaphon, do you blog?, I thought crumbs, no, who has the time? but here we are a mere two weeks later, kickstarting The Shed official blog with aplomb. Okay, aplomb is whole level of effort too far for this post, but hopefully we’ll have something worthwhile to say very soon. Menus or something.

We’ll do our best to keep it faintly interesting…do let us know if we fail.