Future times

by theshedlikesfood

Even on the eve of the first Tapas Fantastica, we have but 5 places left for the of the rest of September. As much as we’d like to be able to say “this is because we’re great”, it’s largely because we’ll be on holiday for two weeks. So, 5 places, all for the 8th September, who wants em? We will, of course, let you know if and when any cancellations pop up.

And so we look to October. Rather than stick with the same menu for the whole month, like we have with August and we aim to do with September, things will be a-changing. Our first two menus, though the same throughout the month, have been quite extensive – 6 courses in August and around 15 dishes plus accompaniments in September – so we’re thinking of simplifying for October. Probably just (quelle horreur!) three courses. Maybe the odd appetiser here and there (we just can’t help ourselves), but definitely only three proper courses.

After attending an afternoon of Malaysian cookery instruction over the weekend, the first menu in October will be a hot little eastern number. The course was facilitated by Azi Campbell, owner of Puji Puji on Balls Pond Road, who imparted the secrets of ‘proper’ Malaysian cookery and inspired us to get spicy in October.

6th October – Malaysian Magic
£14 for vegetarians, £16 for meat eaters and pescetarians
Free-range (though not from the garden!) Chicken, Prawn, or Tofu Satay
Beef or Vegetable Rendang with Nasi Goreng
Some kind of awesome dessert

Email theshedlikesfood@googlemail.com for reservations and enquiries. We’re planning a Halloween Special on the 31st October though won’t say any more until we’ve finalised the menu.