Something slightly more organised…

by theshedlikesfood

After six fantastic weeks we’re taking a fortnight-long break but will be back with gusto and ready to cook up a storm.

Saturday 26th September – Private function with Music in a Small Space

Tuesday 29th September – Tapas, sold out

Tuesday 6th October – Malaysian Magic (click for menu)

Tuesday 13th October – Gift Swap Night

Tuesday 20th October – menu undecided but definitely open!

Saturday 31st October – Hallowe’en Special, what this space for details.

So there we go. These very well may be the last Shed dinners for a wee while, as we’re closing for winter ‘cos it gets a wee bit nippy out there! We’re going to take it as it comes, but once you can see your breath we’re done for, though might invite people ’round for an intimate and warming gooey fondue šŸ™‚

We’ll post some more information about October’s menus, but for a couple of weeks it’s goodbye from us. We’ll be picking up the emails from time to time, so please drop us a line if you want to get yourselves booked in for some Shed dining