October 24th (sold out)

by theshedlikesfood

I realise that posting up a menu that’s already sold out may seem a little pointless, but there’s a strange lady who has started printing and filing each post, and we wouldn’t want to disappoint her now would we? (Hello mum).

We quickly realised that one of our strengths is ‘small plates’ – tapas, mezze, call it what you will, but there’s something in sending a steady stream of food that seems to make people happy. It does also allow for the cook to send everything as it’s ready and in its prime, rather than perhaps having to hang on for two minutes whilst another component reaches perfection. I also adore soups….making them, eating them, feeding them to other people, and my friend Yasmin makes the best chicken soup, proper Jewish penicillin, that I’ve ever tasted; I hope I can do it justice. She deserves more than a little credit for inspiring this menu, and she should get her arse back from Israel to try it!

So, to the Middle East (or there abouts)

Yasmin’s Chicken Soup with Matzo Meal Dumplings
Spiced Pumpkin Soup
Baba Ganoush
Beef and Potato Cakes
Marinated and Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb
Baked Feta in a Rich Tomato Sauce
Orange & Almond Cake with crème fraiche
Coffee with Baklava