by theshedlikesfood

I started this blog with the words, “So this is blogging”, but it wasn’t; simply a spot of promotion to entice people to eat with us. I guess you could argue, what is blogging if not self promotion?, but I get an awful lot of pleasure reading about half-strangers’ culinary doings and I’m sure this is the spirit in which they write.

This page, instead of being a portal through which to ‘sell’ our nights, will now become a record of what we’ve done. We’ve tweaked our secret-supper-underground-eating-place a bit, whateveryouwannacallit. We now eat with everyone, and everything is charged at the cost price of ingredients.

Sunday 17th January 2010….a rough and ready Sunday lunch

As well as brand new pans, a stack of cookery books, and a machine that makes fancy foams, Father Christmas brought us a rudimentary beer making kit which we set about immediately with glee. The result; a sweet, lovely beer, as plentiful as it is tasty, but which would not be at its best for too much longer. We had about 30 pints left, which the more hedonistic among you may count as an good Saturday night, but we took the civilised route and threw open our doors for lunch.

The menu

Homemade, home-laid, veggie scotch eggs

Salsify & celeriac salad with boiled lemon aioli (thanks, Guardian mag!)

Tomato, feta and rocket salad

Winter ‘slaw

Roasted peppers and aubergines

Crusty bread, and butter

Roast porchetta, gratin dauphinoise, caramelised shallots, token vegetables, & gravy (roast portobello mushrooms for the veggies)

Stewed plums with whisky scented cream and toasted oats

Total charge; £10 a head – including as much beer as we could quaff

The veggie scotch eggs, though perfectly nice, were a little underwhelming, missing…well, missing the meat if I’m honest! But everything else was pretty darn delicious, served perhaps slightly clumsily but with affection and of course, plenty of homemade beer.

Massive thanks to those who came!

If you would like to get involved with a bit of shed-dining, drop us an email and we’ll keep you informed with events – And, although we’ve had nothing of note to say so far, follow us on Twitspace!