Underground Farmers’ Market 28th March – The Shed Menu

by theshedlikesfood

I had a little panic after seeing the line up of talented producers and cooks on board, but here are what I hope are interesting and tasty bites. They will be available to eat on the day, or take away for later. Excuse the poncy wording on the first one, I totally couldn’t resist.

Buckwheat Pancakes with a Trio of Vegetarian Caviar
Homemade buckwheat pancakes with beetroot, aubergine, and mushroom ‘caviars’,
with optional garnishes of crème fraiche, capers, and shallots

Welsh Cakes
Homemade Welsh cakes served either on their own,
or with butter and Gorwydd Caerphilly Cheese

Hot Cross Bun and Butter Pudding
An Easter-themed take on a British classic, finished with homemade
plum preserve

A range of Granny Annie’s knitting will be on sale, from jazzy teapot cozies, to pretty little scarves, egg cup holders and knitted corsages. A full list of contributors can be found on Ms Marmitelovers blog.
Tickets are just £5.50 and are available here; I hope to see you on the day! Come and say hello….