What to do with my life

by theshedlikesfood

The title of this post belies the triviality (word?) of content, but it sums up exactly why I love the ‘Google suggestions’ that pop up when you start typing into the search field.
“What to do with an excess of creme fraiche?” (as you do) was what I was going for, but paused on “with” to marvel at Google’s helpful suggestions. In order of popularity, they are as follows;
– my life (!)
– the kids
– leftover turkey (make it into dinosaur shapes to entertain the kids?)
– short hair
– egg yolks (who ever has spare egg yolks? Custard, man, CUSTARD.)
– frozen pipes (one can only hope this is a home-plumbing query and not DIY reservsel of a serious medical procedure)

I mean, who ACTUALLY Googles “what to do with my life”?!?!

Anyway. So – quelle horreur – nothing really matched my exact search phrase, but then I remembered one of my favourite weird-but-tasty comfort dishes, which seemed a good idea given the BLOODY COLD weather we’re having right now. Stay with me, it’s not as ming as it sounds;

Spicy (!) Creme Fraiche (!!) Kidney Bean (!??!?!) Pasta

3 banana shallots, thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2 hot red chillis, with seeds if you’re not a total poof, finely chopped
Your preferred pasta shape, enough 2 massive portions (fusilli, penne…whatever)
1 small tin kidney beans, drained and rinsed.
2 big tablespoons of creme fraiche or sour cream
Olive oil
Cheddar cheese – optional

In boiling salted water, cook the pasta to your liking. Meanwhile, in a large heavy-based frying pan, fry the shallots in olive until soft and golden. Add the garlic and chilli and leave to mingle on a low heat while your pasta finishes. Drain the pasta, and add to the shallots-chillis-garlic pan, along with the kidney beans and creme fraiche. Stick on a lid, and let it all get warm, but not too hot or the beans will go hard. Season well, and if you want to, grate some cheddar cheese on top (or a squeeze of lemon if you’re feeling fancy), and dive in.

A well easy – if odd – meal, ready in 15 minutes. Protein, carbs, fat, done. Don’t worry if you’re thinking of coming to The Shed – I wouldn’t dream to actually serving this to people – it’s just one of those lazy ‘vice*’ meals that I like to eat every now and then. Everyone has their foibles.

*you know it’s a bit wrong, but you love it anyway.