Don’t forget your dancing shoes

by theshedlikesfood

So it turns out that Alexis of Lex Eat! and Lex Cook You Eat! fame isn’t the only clever gal in her neighbourhood. The lovely Y (as I believe she is referred to in common e-parlance) is just one talented musician amongst a whole bunch of talented musicians collectively known as Motor City Revue, who host a magical motown night on the second Friday of each month.

If you travel to darkest Stepney on said second Friday, to a pub called The George Tavern, you’ll be rewarded with a “10 piece motown/northern soul/R&B/stax covers band banging out the greatest tunes known to man. Ever.” – fact. You’ll find Y and the rest of the band laying down brilliant foundations for a mesmerising vocal team lead by Kelly; that girl can SING, and sing she did until she could sing no more.

The night runs from 8pm til 3am, and when the band aren’t playing for their lives (and evidently loving every second) they’re djing 50s and 60s classics making for an additive dancathon of general awesomeness.

SO….me and my gin-face crawled in at god-knows-o’clock on Saturday morning making preparation for that evening’s Mexican meal quite interesting…