Cheapo Thursday

by theshedlikesfood

Vinopolis offer these funny wine tour things, which certainly aren’t for anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about, but
tickets were only a tenner (half price), and it made for an amusing evening. Not that I know what I’m talking about, but I have, y’know, had wine before.

You get a 15 minute seminar on how to taste wine, which – due to its simplicity rather than my competence – mainly covered things I know already, but the woman was entertaining and I picked up a couple of nuggets of new information, but I won’t bore you with my amateurish regurgitation of her advice.

You are then set free to roam around their premises at your leisure, which are vast and interesting, and almost worth the ticket price alone. They have a big glass case FILLED with bottles of Chateau Petrus which must be worth squillions, although it doesn’t exactly represent the best way to store a barrel-load of awesome wine so I have suspicions that someone drank the good stuff and just refilled the bottles….

Anyway, there are three wine tasting areas – worlds old and new, and downright wacky – and with the basic package you have five tokens which you can exchange for a taste of what you fancy. Predictably, I went for wines that I knew I would probably like, instead of trying new things, but the range on offer isn’t huge, and I was happy to sip agreeable things rather than push the boundaries.

I liked this;

And this;

And also this;

Once you’ve spent your wine tokens, you head through to the Bombay Saphire bar for complimentary cocktail. The choice is limited to fairly sweet, fruit juice ridden concoctions, but Bramble-esque tipple was okay, though a bit too sweet, served in a dinky martini glass.

There are options to upgrade your ticket to include more wines, rum, champagne and even absinthe, but we were eager to get back to Brewer’s Wharf to try some of their new house brewer’s beers – I urge you all to head there and order a pint of Hoptimum, for it is delicious.

So…you can try six wines (including the wine in the seminar), learn a little something, and drink a fruity gin cocktail, all for £10. It’s not for anyone with any semi-serious knowledge about wine, but it’s a fun thing to do. Go with someone else or in a group, and enjoy your cheapo Thursday.

Vinopolis, London Bridge.