The looong brunch

by theshedlikesfood

I’ll skip the usual too-many-beers-the-night-before-blah-blah-etc – we’ve all heard it before and it’s neither big or clever – and go straight to the brunch we hosted on Sunday. Again, I completely neglected to take any photos – but the delightful Su Lin did, so thanks to her for the lovely depictions of Sunday’s preceedings.
Glass of Fizz, Freshly Squeeze Orange Juice
Honey Baked Rhubarb with Greek Yoghurt & Toasted Oats
Montgomery’s Cheddar & Leek Tart, Homemade Baked Beans
Filter Coffee, Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea
Wholemeal Sourdough Toast, homemade peanut butter,
a selection of preserves and proper butter
Spotted Dick Porridge Pudding with Custard
– £10 a head
We failed to remember that we’d given our juicer to a charity shop so ended up squeezing over 60 oranges by hand. In case you’ve never done this yourself it is a total ballache, but the OJ was completely amazing due to the super sweet Spanish oranges.

I have to admit that the sourdough bread and jams weren’t homemade, but there’s nothing fruity (apart from rhubarb) in season right now, and regards the former, no one with a proper job makes their own sourdough, do they?

BUT, but but but! The porridge pud, magnificently devised by The Porridge Lady (winner of the Golden Spurtle, speciality category 2009!) was the piece de la resistance – not too sweet, helped along with aromatic spices and a lift of orange zest, served with a lovely sweet custard. My only tweaks (entirely unnecessary) were vegetarian suet, soaking the raisins in brandy before use, and to make an egg custard instead. It made a great surprise to present at the end, thank you Porridge Lady!
We had such a GREAT day and our last guests left shortly after 11pm, after another round of toast, cheese, lots of beer and takeaway pizzas. Awesome Sunday.