Rainbow chard three ways; stalk gratin

by theshedlikesfood

I’m comfortable enough to admit that I’m the type of person who buys ingredients because they are pretty, with little or no clue what to actually do with them. In this post said ingredient is the delightfully loud rainbow chard, direct from the farm through a great little company called, errm, Farm Direct. Rainbow chard isn’t actually a thing, apparently, but simply all of the chard colours sold together. Who knew?
After a quick plea on Twitter I was furnished with plenty of mouth-watering suggestions as to what to do with my beautiful bounty, so I present to you a triptych of recipes, beginning with a stalk gratin.

Serves 2 as a small but delicious side;

The stalks of 250g of rainbow chard, washed
3tbsp single cream
1tsp dijon mustard
Small handful chives, finely chopped
Handful grated cheddar
Small handful breadcrumbs, pref wholemeal
S & P

Heat the oven to about gas mark 7, or whatever that is in a normal kitchen. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil, drop in the stalks for 30-45 seconds, then remove from the heat and drain immediately.

Mix together the cream, mustard and chives, and season liberally. Combine the stalks and the cream mixture, then tip the whole lot into a little baking dish. You can at this point take a moment to smash a treasured kitchen implement, but it really isn’t necessary and to be honest rather spoiled the mood a bit.
Top with the cheese, and then the breadcrumbs, and a few more turns of pepper. Bake for 15-20 minutes making sure that you don’t burn the breadcrumbs, until it’s bubbly and melty and golden. Eat with your chosen thing which was in my case a big steak, also from Farm Direct.