Riverford’s magical travelling kitchen

by theshedlikesfood

If a relaxed, communal dinner in a beautiful yurt set within one of London’s lovely city farms is your idea of fun, book yourself a place at the Riverford Travelling Kitchen. Here’s how the evening went;

A starter of fantastic breads, dippy type bits, and super fresh crudités. The dips; one beetrooty, a sweet, Harissa-esque yoghurty concoction, and a hummus. The beetroot was my favourite – simple but uber delicious, and the harissa-yoghurty thing was also scrumptious. The hummus was okay but not as tasty as
my efforts earlier that day. Please note; I’m not in the throes of some 2-portions-a-day addiction, I just didn’t know hummus was going to be on the menu.

As you’d expect from meal at Riverford the highlights of the main course came from the vegetable dishes, but the lamb was tender and flavoursome, having been studded with herbs and garlic. Out of the vegetable dishes – see boards above for the full menu – the two that stood out for me were the tenderest broad beans nestling in a zingy salad, and some very fresh, perfectly cooked asparagus adorned simply with parmesan. Vegetables require an awful lot of respect and Jane Baxtor and her team have that in spades.

There was quite a selection of puds on offer and naturally I opted for the stodgiest, most fattening one with which custard was a must. A sweet-but-tart combo of rhubarb and plums, with a biscuity, oaty crumble; not quite the best I’ve ever had but pretty damn close. There was also a stunning blueberry pavlova on offer, a pear and almond tart, and a gooey, sticky chocolate brownie; something, I think you’ll agree, for everyone. Unless you don’t like puddings, in which case I have no time for you.
All in all a lovely evening in beautiful surrounds. My only criticism is of their their wine list which contains nothing English; a crying shame given the (generally excellent) provenance of their produce. And the price tag; £25.50, plus (reasonably priced – if a little too well travelled) drinks. A bargain if you ask me.