Double whammy

by theshedlikesfood

Due to reasons [mainly] beyond my own control, I found myself lacking spending money for my imminent holiday. With the exception of my beloved pans and knives I have no possessions worth selling so we embarked on a small profit-making weekend in The Shed. Massive, huge thanks to everyone who came, I will think of you while I’m sipping prosecco and eating the finest of Sicilian seafood.

We started with watercress soup (not pictured; green, liquidy, you get the idea) and homemade soda bread, below. Tasty, and importantly not too filling; there was a lot of food to come.

Saturday’s main event was poached salmon, on Sunday succulent roast lamb; along with the tasty potatoes these were far and away the dishes that received the most praise, recipes to follow. Both came with crushed and roasted Anya potatoes, marsh samphire, honeyed carrots, and English asparagus. Sauces hollandaise with the salmon and béarnaise with the lamb. There was A LOT of whisking.

A good old-fashioned Eton Mess for pud – homemade meringue, vanilla cream, blueberries, strawbs and raspberries.
Aaaaand finally, a plate of Neal’s Yard Dairy’s finest; Kirkham’s Lancashire, Dorstone, and Colston Bassett Stilton. Served with Peter’s Yard crisp breads, oatcakes, chutney, grapes, Cotswolds honey.

We topped off each afternoon with Jasmine tea, proper coffee, macaroons and chocolates (bought…I’m not that good). It was great to see faces old and new, and we look forward to inviting you all back for a Sicilian inspired BBQ by way of thanks. The suggested donation was £17, though many kindly left a little extra.

Massive, biggest, most grateful thanks to the boy, who despite having his holiday dosh tucked safely away spent the weekend washing up so that I might earn a crust. You is the best.