My first photo shoot

Gadzooks, a blog post! And with pretty pictures too. Who are you and what have you done with Shed?

If these shots suggest I locked myself away with a snazzy camera, Food Photography for Dummies and an assembly of props appropriated from someone with a sense of style much greater than mine, apologies, it’s all lies. They’re the result of a long – but hugely enjoyable – summer photo shoot which Lex, Y and I did for Hubbub, which incidentally is where my recipes have been going for the last four months (or did you think I’d stopped eating?).

With the exception of a little kitchen prep the day before, we cooked and shot 28 recipes in one day, with Y behind the camera, Lex arranging things artfully in front of it and me swearing at ingredients until they behaved reasonably and resembled nice grub. I would have been extremely uncomfortable putting anything in front of the camera that I wouldn’t put in my mouth, so everything was made as if for the table; seasoned well, with all ingredients present and correct*. There would be a huge irony in making crap food to sell amazing ingredients, so it was all made properly and the day concluded in a bizarre, eclectic, but ultimately delicious feast.

Here are some we prepared earlier, many are linked to the recipes should you find the urge to make any of it, and here is Lex’s post where you’ll find a few more shots.

*with one exception. Here’s a video of that sexy little buttermilk pudding, really rather impressively bouncing off the patio. Oops. More agar agar anyone?