Tiny prawn fritters.

by theshedlikesfood

Today’s new thing isn’t entirely new, on account of the fact I’ve had prawns before and I’ve certainly had fritters. But although I feel like I’m cheating a bit, this was very different to any dish of prawns or fritters I’ve had before, and was my favourite new thing so far – tiny sweet yet savoury prawns in a thick pancake of onion-flecked batter. Are they bits of pepper? No, silly, they’re eyes. Yum.

Sevilla 4 - prawn fritters

Also in Barbiana

Sevilla 4 - solomillo

I have to stop myself bursting into song each time we order this. OOOOOOH SOOOOOOOO-LEH-MEEE-YOHHHH. Ahem. Solomillo. Pork tenderloin. With grilled jamon and potatoes to soak up all the good. Gooooooood.

Sevilla 4 - aubergine and almorejo

Slice of aubergine, grilled then topped with salmorejo, langoustines and a few tiny pieces of jamon.

Hopping about a bit chronologically speaking, here’s what we ate for a pre-lunch snackette in Casa Morales: more solomillo, this time with lard and toasted bread (what pork doesn’t need added lard?), and salt cod with salsa verde and fake baby eels (reconstituted fishy wiggles…not the real eel deal, apparently). All delicious, and about €2 per tapa. Wow.

Sevilla 4 - pork loin and lard

Sevilla 4 - salt cod

Our last stop was the second branch of La Azotea, original of which was among my favourite places when I visited in 2011. We shared a thick trench of hake with artichoke, a piece of soy marinated tuna belly, and some pluma Iberica with membrillo and a hazelnut and chocolate sauce. I then demolished a dessert all by myself, a dessert comprising four layers of chocolate something something with homemade sauce swooshes and sorbets…amazing, but entirely unnecessary by that point. Ooof.

Sevilla 4 - hake and artichoke

Sevilla 4 - tuna

Sevilla - pluma, membrillo

Sevilla 4 - dessert

Every mouthful was a delight, but my god I can’t wait to run around Victoria Park soon. Possibly twice. And then a swim.