Lord, help me.

Opening on Sunday is Redemption Bar, an alcohol-free, vegan residency┬áselling itself on being a ‘pure’ party where clientele can “get away from booze”. While meat-free and non-alcoholic is never going to particularly interest someone who works for a butchery business and has a bar in her room, it’s not the concept that bothers me, rather the sanctimonious fuckwittery surrounding the promotion and social media.

I’ve already whinged about the horribly patronising tone, suggesting that rather than an establishment for people who can make their own decisions around a menu, that it’s a creche for those who aren’t to be trusted in a bar. About the sheer hypocrisy of positioning Redemption as the ‘pure’ way to party and then operating as a glorified sodding cafe, opening only on Sundays and from 11am (loads of those in East London, thanks). About the sneering, pecksniffian hashtag gracing vacuous tweets like “top 10 list of favourite celebs who #needRedemption“. Yep, I’ve just about done all of that, and it can largely be attributed to a bolshy, clumsy PR bod (probably) and a founder with a bit of a god complex (definitely).

But this? Aligning with a victim-blamer who promotes “don’t drink” above “don’t rape”?



I’ll reiterate; the concept is fine. It’s the surrounding bullshit with which I have a problem.

Addendum: the Billetto listing appears to have been written by a completely different person. Why not promote the whole thing like this?