Hosted a non-profit supper club in a shed for nearly two years, now too busy keeping up with the day job and don’t have the space anymore (i.e. the actual shed). Creative Food Director of The Ginger Pig, meaning I get paid to faff around on and write about farms, cook lots of meat, care about the plight of abused chickens, help decide what we should be up to next and play with social media. Blog updated infrequently and haphazardly, but I spend enough of my time, both professionally and recreationally, talking about things to eat and drink without committing everything to the permanence of a post on the actual internet. Booze also has a special place in my heart, especially where unfashionably oaky whites, a well made Sazarac (rye, usually Rittenhouse), new amaro or chilly gamay is concerned. Don’t believe me? Check out my home bar.

Slightly more sensible career history.

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