Hawksmoor Seven Dials

The Sinking Spritz, taken by Tehbus on a proper camera, like.
The Twittersphere runneth over. The blog posts are trickling through. Only if you’ve been living under a rock will you be unaware of the new Hawksmoor in Seven Dials. Everyone else: I hope you had a great meal. Offering a 50% discount on food for their week-long soft-opening made for a full restaurant and busy kitchen. If staff were feeling the strain when I attended on their sixth day of madness, they sure as beef weren’t showing it. I’d have felt bad about getting the food half price had we not so gallantly made up the bill with seven hours of cocktail consumption.

Here’s a small selection of the other blog posts which on the whole are bigger, better, brighter, and have more pretty pictures.

And here’s my top five. I’m not going to include the meat because it’s “***king brilliant” and you all knew that already.

5. D├ęcor. Every reclaimed door, swirly leather bar stool, the art Deco lamps and sexy little cocktail glasses – they’ve all been chosen with such care and attention to detail that I’m almost surprised they let the general public in. The place is stunning, which really adds to the sense of occasion; you’re not going out for steak, you’re going out for steak at Hawksmoor.

4. The Lobster roll. The tender, succulent flesh from a whole lobster finished with hazelnut and garlic butter, served warm in a light brioche bun with Bearnese on the side. Absolutely stupendous, and deliciously messy to eat. Well worth the wedge.

3. Dripping cooked chips. Hard to describe without transgressing into a Homer Simpson-esque dribbly pool, these are serious potato fun times. Like the best roast potatoes you’ve ever had only with a higher degree of crispy surface area, more perfectly seasoned than granny on the olorosso.

2. Hawksmoor Tomato Ketchup. Yes, for real. It really is that good. If you’re going to serve such high-grade meat you need a ketchup to match, and this definitely keeps up with the cow.

1. The bar, its staff, everything they make and do. Ever. Best appreciated in smaller numbers; as a party of two we had private audience with each of the talented bar team in turn. You might walk in thinking you know your stuff but these chaps will blow you and Your Mate Who Makes A Lovely Martini out of the water, and then some. Explore the painstakingly assembled list before going off piste and ordering a Sinking Spritz from Rich. Properly inspirational stuff. They have an impressive array of botanicals and bitters perched on the bar which they’ll happily explain as you make your way down the menu. It would be educational if it didn’t encourage you to drink so much.

So a bit good, then. Essentially, Hawksmoor sells you pleasure. They take wholesome chunks of beef, sex things up with butter sauces and bone marrow and medal-worthy chips, make you toe-curlingly fabulous cocktails before sending you on your way wishing you were as cool as them. You’ll only have one question about your visit: when can I come back?