Muy bueno!

After a weekend packed with ingredient sourcing and recipe testing (hard life, eh?), we have some delicious new dishes to add to a few stalwart faves. We must admit going a little off-piste and sneaking in a cheeky little not-so-Spanish mezze, but it was just too good to exclude…can you spot it?

A rough draft of the menu, subject to change pending delivery of two new cookery books!

Breads, olive oil, vinegar, olives, dried cherry tomatoes

Tortilla (v)
Padron peppers (v)
Broad beans with shallots (v)
Empanadas (v)
Pumpkin and tahini dip (v)
Marinated anchovies
Braised cabbage with chicharrones and chorizo

Paella (v)
Stuffed mushrooms (v)
Griddled aubergines (v)
Patatas bravas (v)
Gambas a la plancha with saffron mayonnaise
Salmon ceviche


On the lookout for another veggie dish to add to the ‘main course’, so veggies don’t despair! Those in possession of the Moro East book will probably note a degree of inspiration taken from it, and one of the recipes will replicated verbatim…it’s so good, it doesn’t need any tinkering. I must say thank you to my dedicated tasting team (job well done) and also to MsMarmiteLover for teaching me how to griddle a mean aubergine 🙂

Going back to Moro East…it is easily the best book I have acquired in the last year or so – feel free to ask to see it after dinner, then go buy yourself a copy! It’s a tremendous book.

If you’re not already booked in for Tapas Fantastica and like what you see, email for reservations.